Grundschule Schönfeld

Grundschule Schönfeld is a primary school in the Schönfeld Uplands, Germany.

The school was, and still is, part of a school network, where all schools in the region host their websites with the same provider; making it easier for parents to find them online.

The downside of this was that their websites couldn’t be unique and they only had a choice of 5 templates to choose from. The back-end was incredibly restricted, making it impossible to add widgets or extra templates. The only thing allowed, was the input of content, images and CSS coding.

By coding CSS rules to override the templates properties, I was able to re-shape an out-dated template into a modern website that made them stand out from the rest.

| Typo3 | Web Design | Intense CSS Coding | Image Editing |

– Schönfeld, Germany 2016